Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tonka can't READ

AP went to therapy dog volunteer training, apparently people need to be trained just like dogs. She came home and was bummed out and we had a long talk. I was really excited to start classes so that I could pass my test and become a READ dog. The READ program is where dogs go to school and kids (my very favoritist things) get to read to them.
Once I passed the test I could go once a week for nine weeks and sit with different kids while they read stories to me. Unfortunately the other requirement is that I would have to have a bath - every week- for nine weeks. Now if you follow my blog you know that there is one thing I really do not like and that is water - especially baths. It takes 2 people to bathe me and I don't make it easy. It's not my fault I just get freaked out. So AP said she wouldn't put me through that and that we would have to look at other options. I'm bummed out that I don't get to meet new kids but I'm very glad I won't be getting a bath every week.


Bertha said...

But how would they know? I think I smell pretty and I don't bathe that often. NH says I stink but she doesn't know a good thing when it walks right under her nose!
I love you T-man.

Anonymous said...

Kaiser and Char say:

That's too bad, Tonka, but we Pyrs aren't supposed to get baths that often. We're special and don't have to be gussied up all the time. I bet Alice is bummed, but she's a good mom not to put you through it -- and your coat will be happier, too!