Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring and My Favorite Things

Next to Chicken Strips and Belly Rubs spring brings my favorite thing in the whole world - Kids! In the spring they all come out to play games and sports. They ride bikes and scooters and are just everywhere. I love kids- they are so much fun. I have 3 that live on my street that run to meet me when they see me and they laugh and pet me while I try to give them all big kisses. They also ring the doorbell when I am in the foyer sleeping to wake me up and then I get to go outside and play with them. Last night AP and I were walking through Nala's neighborhood and a group of kids were playing a game and one little girl saw me and yelled- TIME-OUT TO PET THE BIG WHITE DOG! They had to stop the game while she came over to pet me. I love kids!

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