Friday, April 16, 2010


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Today is our 2 year Tonkaversary. It was 2 years ago today that I drove down to Richmond to pick him up. I had already spent time with him while helping out at AGPR and went with him to 1 of his first vet appointments. He was such a little guy and so full of himself. He is now a big guy and still full of himself.

He was kept in the office at AGPR and had it all mapped out so he knew where everything was. He would climb up on the couch (something he rarely does anymore) and then kamikaze dive bomb off of it. If you happened to be on the couch he would climb up on you and bite at you to get you to play (something he does still do). The toy box was a big cardboard box and he would climb in and pick out something to play with- which translates to something to try and destroy (also something he still does).

He was the cutest little thing with his weepy eyes, giant paws and fuzzy cotton ball coat and at the same time he was an annoying little brat with sharp little needle teeth and stubborn as a mule. Now he is the size of a small bear – still a cutie with a beautiful white coat, big paws, big teeth and a stubborn brat.

Sometimes Tonka operates on Tonka time which is not always in synch with people time. If you ask him to do something it will take him a few minutes to respond. He is a good boy and he will do what you want him to just not quickly and this has taught me patience.

Tonka and I walk every morning first thing while the sun is coming up and when we get to the park we play “duck, duck, goose” and the big guy is the funniest thing to watch when he runs at you. We call him the blippity blop because he puts his head up and lifts his feet up really high when he runs and we say he is blippity blopping to find you. He has a big goofy grin on his face and is just pure joy running around. You just cannot start your day off wrong playing with him.

Wherever you go with Tonka you meet someone and sometimes their kids and dogs as well. People are always curious about the big dog and even more curious about him when they find out he is blind. Tonka loves everyone and everything and believes it is all here for him – the whole world is Tonka’s playground and full of things to love and play with. Can you imagine having that attitude or being that trusting in today’s world?

At the end of everyday Tonka has a set routine (he is very much a creature of habit) to get ready for bed. The end of that routine has him lying belly up waiting for a belly rub and someone to sing him the Tonka song.

He is such a love and this is what I see at the end of my day. He cracks me up.

So I start my day with the happy, funny man and I end my day with the big goof. How lucky am I to have a Tonkaversary? How lucky am I to have a Tonka every day?


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