Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Boy Collar

AP here.
Tonka is officially a BIG Boy - he is weighing in at 123lbs. He is usually a very good boy on a walk but he does have his moments when he can jolt forward and pull your arm off. Since he is blind there are also certain situations where I need to have him in control for his own safety and when he was little I could grab him by the scruff of the neck but at 123 it's not so easy anymore. So I found a collar made for BIG and STRONG breeds by a company called Blocky Dogs . I got him the 1.5 inch martingale collar and I think it looks great. The martingale peice doubles as a handle and each collar is custom made so I did his in 2 colors so I can see the handle clearly and grab him really quick. Everyone is making fun of it since it is big and heavy duty. They keep calling it the 25lb collar but I love it and it does not weigh 25lbs.

He is very handsome with it on.....

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