Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Year

CM here, as AP has mentioned earlier Tonka is injured. We really don't know what happened the night he got hurt. I was working late so I got a text from AP that Tonka was on the way to the vet. Now even though he is still in the "dog house" with me; I will explain that later, I really was concerned. Okay, okay just don't tell people that I really love that boy!!

When he came home from the vet he was sooo pitiful. Yet he wanted to play when he heard my voice! So AP fussed at both of us; "don't get him all worked up and I mean it" BLAH, BLAH,BLAH! Does she really think Tonka and I are afraid of her? PLEASE! I'm sure WE can take her; if she is SLEEPING IN ANOTHER STATE! :)

Tonka is feeling better which means he is getting BORED and thus getting into trouble. He took off with my Croc Slippers one morning, tore apart the recycling another and pulled my scarf off the coat rack and wanted to "tear it" apart! Keep telling myself "he's blind"!

This Saturday morning I had to go into work, which is not normal. So AP had taken Tonka on a SMALL walk around the court as I was getting ready for work. When he came home he started looking for me as if to tell me that he got gyped by AP! He had his egg and sweet potato and decided he really wanted to play. By this time I had my coat on getting ready to leave.

Tonka was sure that I should be playing with him. I was "attacked" on the butt; he grabbed my jacket and started to pull at it. The whole time his tail is just wagging, I swear at times he is smiling when he is doing this. The more I pushed him away only encouraged him...."GAME ON". I know, "be the alpha" but he could care less WHOM the alpha is. AP had to pull him away so I could leave the whole time fusing at ME for getting him "worked up on his bad leg"! Is she BLIND?

Oh yes, why is Tonka in the "dog house" with me? For the bruise and scraps on my arm from the trip to Deep Creek when went up for the Holidays with Christopher and Laura. I was recovering from surgery and was told I could go to the mountains as planned but had to be careful in the cold air. NO SLOPES, but I could have SPA treatments! OH YEA! But the night before my spa day with Laura (she's 4 mo's along. no slopes either) I woke up with a complacation from surgery. There went my day at the spa. AP had to take my day (already pd for) while Christopher was on the slopes.

That left Tonka and I alone in the condo.....I thought while AP is gone I would give in to him just a little. I think it was because I didn't feel good. He had cheese, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and some rice crispy treat! Now before I get flooded with all the "OMG'S", these were ONLY taste, except for the cheese.

I thought he would settle down so I could....NOPE. He was vocal and "digging" at the door to get out, trying to eat Laura's Ugg's. So I thought maybe he needs to go to the bathroom. So I put my snow pants over my pj's and got bundled up to take him out.

Tonka has now decided he really likes snow and since it was snowing like crazy he was happy. He HAD to go walking in the snow that was at least a foot deep with fresh snow. He bounced and dug and lay down and wouldn't get up! Now I had been told by AP that I wasn't to be out and Christopher was like “yea, or we'll have to take you home" again blah, blah, blah.

When I realized that I really needed to get back inside, Tonka heard a dog down a bit from the condo. He took off like a bat out of hell to get there to play! PULLING me with him down a hill on the ice and though the snow!! I hit my head, jarred my back and scraped my arm ALL though my snow gear! The guy with the other dog saw it and came over to make sure I was okay and as I was trying to get up Tonka realized the dog was near and jerked me down AGAIN! This time though I believe he realized what he had done or the fact that he was STILL attached to me and was trying to get free. He came back and started to "sniff" my face.

By this time the guy and the 14 mo puppy were there and Tonka forgot all about me. Let's just say his get "acquainted" time was VERY short! I just want to know WHY he only does this stuff to me. Yet when he hears my voice he gets so excited.

Tonka: "Whoa, that crazy person is here! I can take her and get into things and walk away and let her take the blame! I'll look angelic and AP will go to PetSmart, Petco, Costco or better yet order me things from Dr's Foster's & Smith. That's what I'm talking about. Hey, a BIG BOX came today I think I heard that it's for ME! I have these humans so whipped."

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