Friday, November 13, 2015

A Friend Returns

It has been quite a stretch of time since I last wrote. I find it hard to come up with the words since my boy left. I even started another blog but just don't seem to make the time to write. Today though is an important day and I must get the words and pictures out.

It is another Friday the 13th (no longer my favorite day) and today Tonka has a very, very good friend going to see him. Many years ago I took my little blind boy on a walk to the park and a beautiful young Saint mix came flying across the field at us. His dad was in the woods looking for him as he had slipped away for a bit of fun. Henry always had a bit of a mischievous streak. He bounded up and he and Tonka were immediately fast friends. His name- Henry and he was T-Mans first neighborhood friend. Henry became our evening wrestle buddy and soon led us to Tonka's best girl Nala. They became the three amigos and romped and ran daily.

They played in the rain, they played in the snow, they played tug, and they played with other dogs but it was always the three of them together.

As they got a little older and Tonka had some issues we didn't go to the park as much and Henry himself injured a leg as big dogs are prone to do. The three remained best buddies though and anytime we would get together at the park it was if time had not moved on. They still played like young pups just not as hard or as long.
Recently Henry was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma and has not been doing so well. His owner being the good human he is and loving his boy to pieces has made the decision to do the right thing by Henry and to let him cross over the bridge. We all got together last night and had a great time. Henry ran with Nala and Isaac, barked at the UPS man, ate a bunch of cookies and hung out with us till it was obvious he was getting tired.
Happy Boy

Where is that Toy


Guys you aren't smiling...


I see you UPS guy

Today Henry is going to see his friend and my heart - the Tonka man. I know they will both run and wrestle and roll all over the place just like they did so many years ago. My heart aches for his dad as I know how much he loves this boy and this is the hardest part of sharing your journey with a furkid. I wish him peace with his decision and comfort in the knowledge that Henry knows how much he is loved and what a great life he enjoyed here on earth. The neighborhood will mourn the loss of such a good boy but the bridge will welcome another perfect angel.
Run free Henry~ until we meet again!

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