Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Mayor and his Momma

Liam’s Mom here. 

I’m guest-posting today to bring you some news and to share with you how Tonka changed my life.
The news is devastating and heartbreaking and completely, utterly unfair.  Tonka has been diagnosed with cancer and AP is working to find a way through this last leg of their journey together.  Her heart is broken but she’s strong and resilient, so I have faith she’ll be back soon. 

In 2010, my husband and I lost our big lummox, Jake, to old age and bad hips.  It’s our tradition to rescue a dog in remembrance of one we’ve lost, so once we regained our balance (eg. I stopped blubbering at the sight of Jake’s dish) my husband and I began checking PetFinder for another big boy to love. 

Around the same time, the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue listed a pup named Liam.  Like Tonka, Liam was born blind.  Can I tell you how intimidated we were by a big, blind, super-smart guardian dog?  We were beyond daunted.  Liam’s foster suggested we read Tonka’s blog to learn about life with a blind Pyr.  After a lot of reading and some long talks with AP, my husband and I decided that we should meet Liam.  We were also excited to meet Tonka.  He’s a famous blogger, you know.

We met Liam at an adoption event and it was love at first sight.  AP taught us everything we needed to know about the big, blind, super-smart guardian dog and she’s been there for us every step of the way.  Thank you, Tonka and AP, for everything you’ve done to make Liam the amazing boy he is today.  He’s a best-friend and super-snuggler who throws a hucklebutt party every evening when we get home. 


AP said recently that Tonka is the Mayor of their neighborhood.  He truly is a goodwill ambassador who has touched the lives of dogs and people alike.  He lives LARGE, that dog.  In the coming days, I hope more of Tonka’s peeps will share their stories that celebrate the life of The Mayor and bring comfort to his Momma.

Liam and Tonka 2 blind boys checking out the scenery


liparifam said...

Thanks for sharing your story; I wish I could meet both Liam and Tonka in person, as they are apparently very special dogs. Sending all good vibes to AP and Tonka during this sad time...

PyrsandMals said...

We were Liam's foster parents. Glad to know he is doing so well--a bit of welcome good news in the face of our Tonka's issues. Our foster Pyr pup (who became our permanent Pyr) Nevada and our Samoyed Nanuk send positive thoughts and energy to both Tonka and Liam!

Ray the Blind Dog said...

Tonka is one tough cookie. And my husband had stage 3 cancer and he is still around, so it can be beat.
Good luck to you, Tonk and AP!

The Zoo Crew and their "Staff" said...

Good to see a grown up Liam. Tonka must have taught him how to be extra cute too!
AP and Tonka we send love and healing prayers for this leg of the journey.

Anonymous said...

So well spoken ... we just love TONKA ..and he and his momma are the best team ever ! Our prayers are with them every steps of the way !

Pat & Buttercup

Anonymous said...

Such a strong bond of love and mutual respect, between a Alice and her Tonka-boy! Alice and Tonka complete each other. Sending SO much love from Lorri and Lindsey, and tons of licks, sniffs and tail wags from Auggie and Ava!

Becky said...

I've been following this blog for a couple years now after my dad (who lives in Mayor Tonka's neighborhood) told me about it. I had often seen Tonka and AP on their walks, but never knew he was blind! The resilience and love that comes from this both AP and Tonka and through this blog is inspriational. I will be keeping them both in my thoughts.