Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet Tonka's supporting cast: Ollie Lollie

Hi everyone -- this week I am guest blogging.  My name is Oliver (Ollie Lollie).  I am a 3 year old RESCUED newfoundland.  I have had the utmost pleasure and honor of personally knowing Tonka and Alice.  First, I wanted to tell you a little about me.
I was rescued two years ago.  I was just over a year old and only 90 pounds and had developed and staph infection ALL OVER MY BODY.  I was dropped off on newfie rescue's doorstep.  I was extremely lucky to find my forever home within 48 hours.  My mom and dad both work in the vet business and were able to nurse me back to health.  I am now a HEALTHY 150 pound newfie who enjoys my two lab brothers and have learned to kiss and hug.

Tonka and I have met on several occasions and  traveling together at our events -- we get a lot of compliments! So many people think we are the same breed -- just different colors. I do love him and he has taught me, my mom and so many other people that just because you are dealt a bad hand it does not need to control your life.
As Tonka and Alice begin another journey down an uncertain road, I implore you to keep positive thoughts, send hugs and please just support both of them.  My mom and I have never met  a more dedicated mom --- EVER!.  BOTH OF THEM are going through a tough battle and while most people have an opinion on what should, could or would be done, you never know until your baby is put in that position.

See just like me and my mom, Tonka is Alice's heart and soul.  She has taken an already amazing dog and nurtured, loved, supported and has redefined the role of caregiver.  But with that -- Alice is hurting beyond words and needs us to support her in her decision and course of treatment for Tonka. 
Tonka and Alice have taught me that no matter what life throws your way, you don't need to to define  your life.  Tonka is proof positive of that as well as my self.
So, take a moment, step back and ask if this was your heart and soul - -what would you do?  I am pretty sure you would do exactly what Alice has done ... everything in her power to make Tonka happy.


Tina said...

Well said, Ollie Lollie!

liparifam said...

Lovely post from a lovely guy. Nothing but support and good vibes here :)