Thursday, August 16, 2012

Walk, Drag and Stroll (love the Cycletote)

AP here:
Since Tonka is more alert and mobile we have resumed our evening walks. Really it is more of a sort of walk, that becomes a drag and then ends up in the cycletote trailer. No worries though he is at least out and about and connecting with his friends. People and four legged friends are extremely important to Tonka's mental well being and I like to think he also brightens the day of those we run into.

Look at me Go

Rain Gear

Happy Boy


More Hugs

Talking to his kids

Tonka loves his people

Spencer Says Hello

Charlie Says Hello


cakerid said...

Yay Tonka! Don't you love the CycleTote. My Gracie loved hers.... it allowed her the freedom to get out and about and continue to be a part of it all. Wishing you all the best!
Keri and ^Gracie^
2/1998 - 6/2012

Tonka said...

Hi Keri,
I am glad your Gracie enjoyed being out and about in her cool wheels as much as the Tonka Man.
Thanks for posting
Alice and Tonka

Anonymous said...

Love seeing him happy