Friday, August 17, 2012

Goodbye Dr. Ferguson

AP here:
This week the world lost not only a great Veterinary Cardiologist but a really wonderful human being.
Dr. McGregor Ferguson was one of Tonka"s cardiologists, but he was much more than that for us. Dr. Ferguson was a friend and advocate for my boy, reaching out and talking to other professionals and trying to help with Tonk's neurological problem.
He was a kind and compassionate man and it was not uncommon to see him sitting out in the waiting room having a conversation with clients. Always upbeat and wanting to make sure that you were OK he could put you at ease even in the face of serious problems. On one of our first appointments he made it clear that if we needed anything, even just to talk, that he was always there for us.
Every Tuesday Tonka and I are in the building that houses all of his specialists (including cardiology) for rehab therapy. We would occasionally run into Dr. Ferguson in the hall or the waiting room. He would stop to give Tonka some attention and ask how we were doing, always with that ever present smile. Going to therapy this week was done with a heavy heart, knowing that we would not see him again.

The service for Dr. Ferguson was held at St. Martins In The Field in Severna Park The parking lot was overflowing out into the neighborhoods as hundreds turned out to say goodbye and pay their respects.The sheer volume of people, family, friends, co-workers and clients there is testament to how much he was cared for and the kind of man he was.

Tonka and I are just 2 of many that will greatly miss you.
Rest in Peace.

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