Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Present is The Same as the Past

AP here:
Life with Tonka lately is like being stuck in some runaway time warp. Nine months ago something happened to the Tonka Man. Whatever it was it took us on a long and very exhausting trip for 6 months with his left leg. Then just when it seemed to get better and go away it struck again with the right leg. If you follow this blog you know that we have seen a small army of specialists and have some amazing people in our corner. While the fact that he is so loved and spoiled by so many is a wonderful thing it does not dispel the reality that everyday is a crap shoot. Some days he is pretty ambulatory and requires little extra care but others are harder on everyone involved (except him). He takes it all in stride and just wants to be fussed over and loved. Its now July but it feels like a re-run of last December with his symptoms. This leg is the same but slightly different and we met with a new neurologist (Dr. Gainsburg at Mid - Atlantic Veterinary Neurology & Neurosurgery) yesterday and the first thing he noticed was that the muscles to top of Tonka's head have shrunk. We did not have that last time and with this leg he is walking on the outside of his foot and his toes stay flexed up. I don't know what any of that means, if anything and no one else seems to either. If this follows the same path then by October he will be better and it will have been a year. If the universe really wants to add insult to injury then it will be time for the other leg to start downhill again. Should I laugh, should I cry, should I rail against something that has no name - none of that changes a damn thing. So here we sit stuck in this flow of time hoping that the present changes from the past and into a better future.


 Bad but not horrible.

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