Monday, July 30, 2012

strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff

AP here:
I grew up in a place with real castles, Kings, Queens and Princesses, with stories of Knights and dragons, fairies, gnomes and elves, Mr. Big Ears and Dougal the dog. A place with stories of the brave and the true, of chivalry and happy endings. A land where Dr. James Herriot took care of all the creatures great and small. Puff the magic dragon was loved by a small boy and the search for Nessie was ongoing. This was and is my foundation for imagination and thinking outside of the box and for my love and respect for all animals. So it is hard for me to fathom a less than happy outcome for Tonka dog. In my little corner of the world my brain just knows there has to be a cure and a happy ending.

Having a blind dog will teach you 2 very important things that you need in this world, persistence and patience. People ask me in round about and nonchalant ways about stopping the therapy and the search for diagnosis. To them I am wasting money and should just give up .I try not to get annoyed at this since they do not understand and do not live with the magic dog I call the Tonka. I will continue to be persistent in finding his problem and a cure and patient in taking care of his needs and keeping him happy. Anyone that wants to be part of the solution is welcome and those that don't can just move on.

I don't entertain Tonka with strings and sealing wax but we do have other fancy stuff both to keep him amused and to keep him safe and healthy. We play with puzzles by Nina Ottonson and on really good days when he is fairly mobile we wrestle a bit. To keep him safe and healthy we have all sorts of socks, boots and rubber covers for his feet, belly bands to keep him dry when he leaks, wipes to keep him clean and harnesses to help him up. We even have a hair scrunchy with bells sown on to keep around his foot to maybe make him more aware of where it it and lifting it (therapist suggestion).
Next week we are going back to a neurologist and see what else we can try.

Ouch my toes

Spidey Tape Sock (thanks Aunt Nancy)

Jingle Foot

Rubber Boots and Belly Band

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