Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stubborn, Rotten Boy

AP here:
Walking for the boy this weekend was crappy. This video is of him walking on Saturday morning.
Sunday was not a whole lot better and he was up several times trying to get comfortable.

The week did not start off much better and Monday night was a disaster
We went for a walk with his friends Nala and Duke and when he got tired I went to put him in the trailer. I did not have it secured enough and it rolled forward when he went to step in which caused him to fall. I got him up and we attempted to get back in the trailer. he stepped in and I lifted his back end up. I put my arm behind him to help him sit back and he pooped as he sat which ended up on me and in the trailer. So I got him back up and out and then got most of it up before putting him back in.

Once we were home I got him cleaned up and then broke down the trailer and disinfected it. Thankfully the trailer is a cinch to clean.

I am sure he really put himself out of sorts when he fell because he was up all night trying to get comfortable. The problem is he wants you to sleep on the floor with him and snuggle which works great for him but not so much for me. So with not much sleep both Sunday and Monday night I must have been a sight because everywhere we went on Tuesday people told me how tired I looked.

When we went for a little walk on Tuesday morning he was dragging his foot so I shortened our already little excursion and when we got to the house at our corner he put on the breaks. He can be so stubborn (if you own a Pyr you know) and will refuse to go forward if he thinks he has been cheated on the walk. He was so shaky I couldn't just pull on him so I let him off the leash and sat down on the curb about 8 feet in front of him and just started to cry. Now it takes a lot to make me cry so I really was very tired.  Next thing I know there is a cold wet nose in my ear. The rotten boy had walked up beside me and then proceeded to lick my ear and the side of my face.
How can you stay upset or angry with a Tonka Dog giving you kisses?
I got up kissed his head and we staggered home.

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Anonymous said...

Alice.. you and Tonka are both troopers.. trust me i am crying for you both and understand completely the no sleep thing , it makes you so tired that crying is about all you can do !

Pat & Buttercup