Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fredericksburg Dog Fair

We got up really early to go to the Fredericksburg Dog Fair. AGPR reserved a spot at the adoption park at the fair and my friend Donna organized our part in the event. She has her own boarding kennels and helps AGPR by fostering some of my friends before they find forever homes. Two of my friends Charlie Bear and Snowball were with her today and I got to hang out with them. We setup a tent with a table and chairs and got ready for the dogs and humans from the big downtown dog parade to show up.

Ready for the day!
I met a Mastiff puppy who will one day be bigger than me.

Monster Puppy

Snowball is a great guy. He whispered me the secret of looking really cute so humans will give you more treats.


Not sure of this Dog

I met a really big dog but he smelled an awful lot like a human.

My friends Tom and Mindel showed up in the afternoon with two puppies Ziggy and Micky. They are very smart and already know how to sit and shake paws.

Mindel and Pups
Tom and Pups
My new friend Emily took care of Charlie Bear and after lunch he tried to take a quick nap.

Emily and Charlie Bear

Charlie Bear

Then around lunch time my Uncle Charles, Aunt Brenda and Aunt Texie came by. I had never met them before and it was awful nice of them to come see me. My cousins Betty, Virginia and Chris came as well and bought some of my younger cousins to visit. It was great to "see" them.

Brian and Kaelyn
AP and Aunt Texie

Chilling with Brian

We had lots of people come by and meet us and talk about adopting a Pyr fromAGPR. It would be great if the humans would open up their homes to  one of my many friends that AGPR is taking care of.
Every dog should have a forever home.

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