Tuesday, September 27, 2011

T-shirts and Coffee Mugs - Oh My!

I love the beach! AP says its like I know that there are no fences or trees to get in my way and I can run around like crazy and not have to worry about hitting something. I also love to dig in the sand - it is so easy to dig a big hole, really quick and then there is the water which is fun to leap in and out of. A special rescue for blind dogs http://www.blinddogrescue.com/  asked to use a picture of me at the beach to show that blind dogs can have normal lives. AP sent them pictures of me playing in the water and if you go to this website you can see what they came up with.

Its me- blippity blopping in the surf and I get to be on t-shirts and coffee mugs and AP even ordered "me" on a sweatshirt.  A percentage of the money goes to help blind dogs get medical attention and find homes. How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome pic of the big man, too. I MUST have a Tonka T! And a mug! And a mouse pad! I hope he feels better soon :)

Tina and Liam

Tonka said...

Thanks Tina -kiss the leapy lee for me.