Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sylvia Comes to Visit

My friend and fellow rescue Sylvia went swimming today at the canine fitness center. AP and CM took me there once but I didn't like it much see
Sylvia is still working on getting her hip back in shape after her FHO surgery
and swimming is good therapy. Since the fitness center is pretty close to my house her and her human Trish stopped by to say hi. I have been sort of groggy after my anesthesia on Tuesday but I perked up for my guests and strolled the yard with Sylvie. AP said Sylvia is looking really good and the hair has almost grown completely back on her hip and leg.
I really like Sylvia she is so sweet.

Trish will be updating everyone soon with a new blog post and AP wanted to put up some pictures so everyone can see how well she is doing. Isn't she a cutie?

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PyrMom said...

Sylvia's foster mom, Trish, is reporting on Sylvia's progress:

As you can see from the video with Tonka that Tonka's mom took, Sylvia has pretty good mobility and does enjoy herself. The main issue is that she bears weight primarily on 3 legs and tends to drag her surgical leg.

Her foster family has been working with her to get her to use the leg more. The latest activity is swimming at Canine Fitness. There Sylvia uses all 4 legs to swim, which is a good thing. She follows me around the pool -- me jogging along the pool's edge and she in a life vest in the water. Soon she'll start going twice a week and we'll have a better idea if it's helping her.

Meanwhile, she enjoys her foster brothers, Kaiser and Charlemagne, and even her foster cousin, Brio. Sylvia is still a foster, but she's close to making her decision to stay put with her boys and humans! She enjoyed visiting Tonka and Alice, and she'll be back again some evening to romp and sniff with Tonka!