Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Parade

I just found out I am going to be in the Middleburg Christmas Parade on December 4th. This is the parade that AGPR participates in every year. Last year we had 40 Pyrenees walking down the main street of Middelburg. This year we are shooting for 60 which will be an amazing sight to behold. It is even more amazing that all the dogs are rescues that AGPR has saved and adopted out. Middleburg is a very quaint small town and a great place to visit year round but at Christmas they really do it up. So if you want to see 3 tons of Pyrs (which is what 60 dogs would roughly work out to) in a great parade and enjoy a day in small town America then join us in Middelburg on the 4th.

From the Middleburg Calendar of Events:

At 11:00 a.m. the Middleburg Hunt takes to the streets creating a spectacular site as horses, riders in red coats and dozens of hounds come through the town. Immediately following the Hunt, the Middleburg Christmas Parade features a unique assortment of floats, marching bands, local community groups, antique fire trucks, and a variety of animals including horses, llamas and dogs. Santa brings up the rear riding on a beautiful horse drawn coach. Throughout the day there are hayrides, choir performances, the Garden Club's Christmas Flower & Greens Show and the Craft Show. Visitors enjoy shopping and dining in Middleburg's shops and restaurants.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tonka, we were at the parade today with Siggy....what fun! I hope you are well.....

Michelle Witzel