Thursday, June 17, 2010

The end of the digging pit

If you have watched Tonka the Backhoe you saw my great digging spot. AP decided that I shouldn’t be digging down to the foundation of the house so she landscaped it with sand, paving stones and a solar fountain. She used over 1000lbs of sand to fill it in – I am not happy!


Bertha said...

My Dearest Tonka,
Sand flies farther the dirt and gets the humans really mad when they find out how far our big feet can throw it. Trust me this can be an whole new experience. If they get mad about that then maybe you can find a shovel and a bucket. The fountain is your water source and you can build a Pyr castle!
Love and kisses,

Tonka said...

Thanks Bertha you always give the best advice.