Monday, September 9, 2013

...and in the darkness

there is some light....
AP here:
Tonight Tonka and I walked Nala to the corner like we have done so many times before and on the return journey Mr. Pat pulled over and came to say hi. Mr. Pat is a friend from our morning walks, way down by the pool. We have not seen him in a long time since we do not do the long walks anymore but we used to pass his house everyday at the same time he was coming out to go to work. He and Tonk had always shared a morning hello.
Mr. Pat's neighbor from across the street saw his truck pulled over and stopped to see if everything was OK. He also knows Tonka so the two of them gave him some ear scratches and some head pats. I got the horrible honor of telling them the latest news about how our time is short.
I sort of fell apart a bit tonight - its very hard to keep up the happy face and voice all the time. When we got home I got in the shower so I could cry without upsetting Tonka. The evening seemed kind of dark and I got my pajamas on and figured I would sit outside and get my thoughts together but then the doorbell rang. I answered it thinking it was Tonka's Aunt Patty or one of his peeps coming by to say hi. I was surprised to find one of the young ladies from the neighborhood standing there with 2 PetSmart cards she received for her birthday. She explained that and her mom have watched Tonka grow up from a puppy and she wanted him to have the cards. It was the sweetest gesture and I was a bit dumbfounded for a minute. I had her come in to say hi to Tonka and then we walked out to talk to her mom. What an amazing young lady and what a selfless act. My mind teetered with the decision to tell her mom what was the latest with Tonka and I decided I should as I didn't want them to all of a sudden not see him anymore and wonder.

Mia (sp) if you ever read this please know that you did more than just donate some cards tonight you created a bright spot in what was otherwise a dark evening.
Thank you so very much and I wish you all the best. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to stop by.
Alice and Tonka


Anonymous said...

awww.. the dear lord is watching over you both ! How sweet !

Love you guys !
Aunty Patty

The Zoo Crew said...

What a lovely child that is. Tonka has the ability to bring out the best in all of us. Telling his story is a good thing. It shares him with the throngs of T followers.
I know it's hard AP but if you need to go in the shower often do it. You are strong but can only stay strong if you let the crap go.
We all love you guys.