Friday, July 26, 2013

Once again it is all in his head....

Tonka here:
On July 9th I went to see my good friend Dr. Roa because AP thought maybe I had hurt my knee or hip. 
Seems I can't hold a stand with my back right leg anymore. I don't think I hurt it trying to get up or flipping over but AP wanted to be sure.
hanging on the porch getting ready to go see Dr. Roa

AP made me wear my help em harness since I can't stand up to help her get me out of the truck. I hate wearing it so I hope my leg gets better quick.

and.... I'm in the truck

wheeling around the lobby looking for my girlfriends
I got to see all my friends before my appointment and then Dr. Roa came in and checked me over while I was in my wheels and then out of my wheels. He made me move around and pushed and pulled on me and told AP he could not find anything physical to be the problem. He thinks it's all still part of my silly brain not talking correctly to my legs. He said I should get back to therapy and see if that helps. That made me happy cuz now I will get to see my girlfriends once a week again and AP was happy that I am not broken.

When we got home I took a long nap and then got to go out on the porch for awhile. I love laying on the porch. My friends Megan and Cayden came by and hung out with me for awhile.

loving the porch

Megan and Cayden

Later that night after dinner AP gave me a frozen peanut butter kong for being such a good guy all day. I love Peanut Butter!

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