Monday, February 25, 2013

A Good Day For The Tonka Dog

AP here:
Tonka had a really good Saturday. The cold snap finally broke a bit and he got to sleep outside for a few hours in the early morning.

Sleeping in

We made a play date at the park with his friends and he was so excited he got up and stood on his own to get ready to go.He has been standing on his own more often than not lately which is a very good sign.

Peek A Boo

We played a little game of peek a boo once he was in his wheels.
Hello Shania

When we got to the park his friends were all there.
Hello SweetPea

Shania and SweetPea

Walking with SweetPea and Ms. May

I am always hopeful that when he is sniffing he will get the urge to pee on his own.

Getting some Love from Donna



Nala and Friends

Happy Boy


liparifam said...

Yay, so glad Tonka (and you,I assume?) are doing so well :)

Tonka said...

liparifam - yes thanks for asking. All stitches are out and I am able to lift him again. :-)