Saturday, March 3, 2012


AP here:
The 8 minute underwater treadmill workout and meeting up with his buddies at the park 4 times a week seems to have been a bit much for the Tonka Dog. He is not walking as well as he was and can not seem to get comfortable. This whole neurological medical journey has been about discovering what makes him better and what doesn't work. We know the rehab he is getting with Chris and Diana at CVSS works (miracle kind of stuff) and going to the park and on walks are essential for his mental well being. The treadmill should help us strengthen him physically and retrain his gait so we just need to find the optimal mix of things. We are searching for the right Balance.
When undergoing an exercise program a workout will leave you tired but in Tonka's case we also have to lookout for what we are going to call neurological fatigue. When his system is stressed too much the signals between brain and body part get weak and things get slow. His back foot will not lift high enough or quick enough to clear a doorstep or his foot will not have enough downward strength to keep it from slipping out on the carpet. That is where we are today neurologically tired so this weekend will be low key and full of ice packs and rest.


NH, AK and The Zoo Crew said...

Hug him from us and whisper in his ear that we love him. Then tell him Bertha thinks he's faking to get out of the underwater treadmill. :)

Tonka said...

NH and zoo crew - love you guys - Bertha - Shhhhhh!