Monday, November 15, 2010

"Beef" It's what I stole for Dinner!

AP  here: Tonka was at the beach this weekend and we took him to Concord Pet Supply to do a little shopping. We were coming up an aisle with lots of good treats like freeze dried liver and sweet potato fries when all of a sudden he grabbed a container off the shelf (knocking over quite a few other containers in the process). He thn proceeded to beeline to the front of the store up the aisle with the container in his jaws. The store clerks were all laughing at him trotting to the checkout carrying his prize. When I got it out of his mouth I saw that it was freeze dried beef steak pieces. Tonka does not get much beef but I figured I would go ahead and get it for him since he had picked it out on his own. When we got to the truck I gave him a piece and he devoured it and stuck his head up looking for more. He really likes beef! The next day we were outside working at cleaning up the place with the hose going. Tonka hates water especially from a garden hose. Tonka was sleeping inside and I did here him bark once or twice and opened the door to tell him we were still cleaning and he settld back down- or so I thought. When we were finished I opened the door and went inside and what do you think I found? The rotten boy had taken the container off the counter and opened it, he ate all 8 ounces and licked it clean. So while everyone was working hard Tonka was having an 8oz steak dinner.

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